2007 Platform for Urban Investigation Radio & TV
Caucus during Be[com]ing Dutch - Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Platform for Urban Investigation

The Platform for Urban Investigation is an open environment collaboration between researchers, architects, designers, artist, curators and all kind of cultural producers. Its aim is to stimulate fresh ways of looking at urban living and discover alternative solutions. The platform takes up residence in cities around the world for months at a time working with local and remotely connected participants.

This is the documentation of the Platform for Urban Investigation Radio and TV station as it was active within the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven the Netherlands between November 9th and December 6th 2007 during the Caucus as part of the project Be[com]ing Dutch.


The Platform for Urban Investigation currently resides at the Van Abbemuseum where it installed a mobile radio and TV station on a traditional Dutch transporter bike. Numerous TV and Radio items will be created during the Caucus based it's themes. EINDHOVEN_CAUCUS_RADIO_TV is presented by the Platform for Urban Investigation on invitation by Be(com)ing Dutch during the Caucus at the Van Abbemuseum until December 6th 2007 in collaboration with YourSpace, 31Down Radio Theater and Free103point9 Transmission Art. Radio will be broadcasted daily between 9 AM and 5 PM on 91.2 FM within the walls of the Van Abbemuseum. FM radio broadcasts will run until December 6th 2007.

PUI_RADIO_TV_EINDHOVEN_CAUCUS was co-produced by Alexandra Verhaest and Ryan Holsopple. Radio is created by directly calling into a local phone number that records the input and streams it to the internet and back to the museum where it is broadcasted directly via FM radio. Visitors to the museum as well as participants were asked to create content with phones that were provided for this purpose. Portable transistor radios are available from the information desk in the museum to walk around and listen to all radio programs made. TV items are made by a diverse group of people ranging from participants to the Caucus as well as visitors to the museum and the citizens of Eindhoven and were broadcasted on the internet and at Your-Space in the Van Abbemuseum by projection.

About Be(com)ing Dutch and Eindhoven Caucus

Be[com]ing Dutch aims to open up an exploratory debate which puts our ideas of national identity at risk and examines and challenges the processes of inclusion and exclusion today. As questions of cultural identity and normative 'national' values become ever more of an issue in political and cultural debate, the concept behind Be[com]ing Dutch is to move the agenda on from notions of toleration and difference towards building a shared but agonistic democracy on the cultural level through the use of one of the few remaining public sphere institutions left to us - the museum.

The CAUCUS will attempt to look at the meaning of and context for a global visual culture right here (Eindhoven) and right now (2006-8). The four week intensive meeting will offer a program comprising of a lecture series, publications, screenings, performances, collective production, radio programs, workshops and other activities.

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Platform for Urban Investigation

The Platform for Urban Investigation (PUI) is a nomadic research facility for investigating the urban environment. The sole objective of PUI is assisting mankind in obtaining an other way of looking and seeing, showing that we now have the option to make it work for all of humanity on our planet. PUI uses the following tools:
1. Workshops
2. Open-door brainstorm sessions
3. Exhibitions
4. Publications
5. Performances
6. Productions
7. Residencies

In order to conduct its research PUI will continuously travel around the world visiting urban environments on all continents inviting to take part in the above activities a broad variety of cultural producers like:
a. Architects
b. Urbanists
c. Choreographers
d. Dancers
e. Visual artists
f. Musicians
g. Writers
h. Philosophers
i. Curators

PUI will publish a permanent documentation / exhibition of all results / material produced during the above activities on http://www.allardvanhoorn.com/projects_PUI.asp containing:
i. Essays
ii. Conversations
iii. Interviews
iv. Videos (of installations / performances / actions)
v. Photos (of installations / performances / actions)
vi. Drawings / diagrams / sketches etc.

A mobile age demands mobile means. To uncover mobility is to use mobility as research, communication and displaying / exhibition tool. PUI is a worldwide (web) available, permanently changing and evolving research / exhibition / publication. Not static like a publication on paper or an exhibition in a museum or gallery, fixed in place and time but dynamic in character, it will connect cultural practice in an urban context via:
I. Video over Internet (conferencing)
II. Voice over Internet / Skype (conferencing)
III. Instant Messenger
IV. E-mail
V. FTP (File Transfer)

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